Whale Optimization Algorithm (WOA)

Modestus O. Okwu, Lagouge K. Tartibu

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Whale optimization algorithm (WOA) is one of the popular swarm-based algorithms (SA), inspired by nature. The WOA was determined by mimicking the pattern of navigation of whales while encircling preys. The humpback whale is considered in this context. These set of whales can recognize and surround the location of the prey strategically. Identifying the exact position in the a priori search space in whale is usually not imaginable. It is assumed by the WOA that the target prey is the best candidate solution. This model was implemented in MATLAB by considering 30 search agents (n = 30) and the maximum number of iterations was set to 1000. The best solution obtained by WOA is [3.0015 1.9969] and the best optimal value of the objective function found by WOA is 0.00015167. The parameter space and the objective space presented, demonstrate the problem solving capability of WOA in complex domain.

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Title of host publicationStudies in Computational Intelligence
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Publication statusPublished - 2021

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