Unsteady mixed convection along a permeable exponentially stretching surface: Influence of velocity slip and thermal jump

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to consider the influence of slip flow and thermal jump and to investigate its effects on unsteady mixed convection along an exponentially stretching surface. It is also intended to explore the influence of suction/injection and volumetric heat source/sink on the fluid flow. Design/methodology/approach: The assumed problem is modelled into governing equations which are dimensional non-linear partial differential equations in nature. To obtain solutions, initially the governing equations were made non-dimensional by the suitable non-similar transformations. Then, the dimensionless non-linear partial differential equations are linearized with the aid of Quasilinearization technique. The so obtained equations are discretized by the implicit finite difference method. Findings: The detailed analysis of the considered problem displays that the non-similarity variable reduces the velocity and temperature profiles. For higher values of mixed convection parameter, the magnitude of velocity profile as well as the Nusselt number increase. The unsteady variable diminishes the fluid flow. The higher values of velocity ratio parameter reduce the skin-friction coefficient. Further, the magnitude of skin-friction coefficient and heat transfer rate are to minimize for increasing values of partial slip and thermal jump parameters, respectively. Volumetric heat source and injection parameters are to rise the flow behavior within the momentum and thermal boundary layers significantly. Originality/value: To the best of authors’ knowledge, no such investigation has been found in the literature.

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JournalInternational Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow
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Publication statusPublished - 19 Oct 2018
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  • Exponentially stretching surface
  • Partial slip
  • Suction/Injection
  • Thermal jump
  • Unsteady effects
  • Volumetric heat source/sink

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