The state of the global carbon trade debate

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Addressing climate change that generates destruction and misery, people and corporations responsible for these issues especially in the US/ EU-centered petro-mineral-military complex and associated financial agencies are renewing their power and simultaneously reasserting their rights to both property and inaction on climate change. There are four sets of strategies in fighting climate change such as emissions cap-and-trade options, carbon taxation, command and control of emissions, and alternative grassroots climate change mitigation strategies. The former two strategies are considered serious options and worthy of pursuit within the environmental movement, while the latter are necessary to save the planet. In 2008, the state of debate discussed are divided into two: those who want the world economy to slowly and painlessly adapt to CO2 abatement strategies and those who advocate dramatic emissions cuts in a manner that both redistributive and sufficiently shocking to economic structures and markets causing major transformations in production and consumption.

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