The routledge reviewer's guide to mixed methods analysis

Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, R. Burke Johnson

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The Routledge Reviewer's Guide to Mixed Methods Analysis is a groundbreaking edited book - the first devoted solely to mixed methods research analyses, or mixed analyses. Each of the 30 seminal chapters, authored by internationally renowned scholars, provides a simple and practical introduction to a method of mixed analysis. Each chapter demonstrates "how to conduct the analysis" in easy-to-understand language. Many of the chapters present new topics that have never been written before, and all chapters offer cutting-edge approaches to analysis. The book contains the following four sections: Part I Quantitative Approaches to Qualitative Data (e.g., factor analysis of text, multidimensional scaling of qualitative data); Part II Qualitative Approaches to Quantitative Data (e.g., qualitizing data, mixed methodological discourse analysis); Part III "Inherently" Mixed Analysis Approaches (e.g., qualitative comparative analysis, mixed methods social network analysis, social media analytics as mixed analysis, GIS as mixed analysis); and Part IV Use of Software for Mixed Data Analysis (e.g., QDA Miner, WordStat, MAXQDA, NVivo, SPSS). The audience for this book includes (a) researchers, evaluators, and practitioners who conduct a variety of research projects and who are interested in using innovative analyses that will allow them to extract more from their data; (b) academics, including faculty who would use this book in their scholarship, as well as in their graduate-level courses, and graduate students who need access to a comprehensive set of mixed analysis tools for their dissertations/theses and other research assignments and projects; and (c) computer-assisted data analysis software developers who are seeking additional mixed analyses to include within their software programs.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 30 Jun 2021
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