The backlift techniques of cricketers in the indian premier league: Batting implications for the shorter format

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Cricket batting is a complex movement which can be broken down into a number of components such as the grip, stance, initial movement, backlift, downswing and followthrough. The batting backlift technique (BBT) is an important component of the overall batting technique, when the batsman lifts the bat in preparation for the downswing when impact is made with the ball. Research has demonstrated that the BBT appears to be a key contributing factor to successful batsmanship. For the purpose of this study, video footage of players from the Indian Premier League (IPL) season was analysed (n = 30). This was used to identify the type of BBT employed by the batsmen at the moment the bowler released the ball. The number of players using a lateral batting backlift technique (LBBT) (n = 27) was significantly greater than those using a straight batting backlift technique (SBBT) (χ2 = 19.2, df = 1, p < 0.001). The results showed that 90% of the top performing IPL batsmen during the 2016 season did not adopt the traditionally taught SBBT. Instead, they adopted a more looped action in which the movement of the bat at the moment the bowler released the ball was in the direction of the slips (i.e.: the fielders positioned at an angle behind the batsmen). From this study, it can be postulated that a LBBT is a key contributing factor for batting success, at least in the shorter version of the game, as represented by T20 cricket. It is suggested that in order to score at a rapid rate, as required in T20 games, a LBBT is more effective for batsmen (particularly for presenting an open face of the bat), whereas a SBBT, which is a more a defensive action, may be more suitable for use in the more extended Test match version of the game.

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