Targeted photodynamic therapy treatment of in vitro A375 metastatic melanoma cells

Channay Naidoo, Cherie Ann Kruger, Heidi Abrahamse

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Metastatic Melanoma (MM) is a deadly form of skin cancer and many photodynamic therapy (PDT) studies have noted limitations in relation to effective photosensitizer (PS) drug uptake in tumors. The focus of this study was to develop a PS multicomponent nanoparticle drug conjugate carrier system which specifically targets MM cells via biomarkers to actively enhance PS delivery and so improve MM PDT. An antibody-metallated phthalocyanine-polyethylene glycol-gold nanoparticle drug conjugate, was successfully synthesized and characterized. PS active drug targeting PDT experiments at 673 nm were conducted within in vitro cultured MM. Results noted that this drug conjugate enhanced the PDT treatment of MM, through improved subcellular localization of the PS, as well as noted significantly improved cytotoxic and late apoptotic cellular death in cells. The results from this study demonstrate that through the bio-active antibody PS drug targeting of MM, the efficacy of PDT treatment for this cancer can be enhanced.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)6079-6095
Number of pages17
Issue number58
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • Metastatic melanoma
  • Nano active targeting
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Zinc phthalocyanine tetra-sulphonic acid

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