Taiwan: The International Political Economy of the One China Policy

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This chapter compares the rate of growth in South African exports to Hong Kong and Taiwan between 2001 and 2017, to gauge whether its forming of relations with China to maintain access to Hong Kong resulted in a “pay off.” In the raw and statistical data for the entire period, we deduce that exports to Hong Kong outgrew those to Taiwan by an average of 2.56% per year, and a comparative growth of 40.91% for the entire period vis-à-vis Taiwan. Thus, on the face of it, we can deduce that South Africa’s decision to switch to the PRC, insofar as it was predicated on the need to maintain access to Hong Kong, was worth it. Further, Mainland China’s outgrowing of Taiwan in importance as an export market for South Africa is evident in that its exports to Mainland China between 2001 and 2017 outgrew those to the former by 13.64% per year and by 218.28% overall.

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