Supply and demand macro-econometric model of a small economy: evidence from Namibia

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This study develops a macro-econometric model for the Namibian economy. This macro-econometric model estimates both the demand and supply sides of the Namibian economy. This model incorporates the price sector, in order to serve as a link between the supply and demand sides of the economy. The model consists of behavioural equations, linked by identities and definitions. These behavioural equations were estimated and simulated individually. They were then combined together to form a full macro-econometric model of the Namibian economy. The full macro-econometric model was closed using two models. The first model activates the supply side and marginalises the demand side. The second model is demand side orientated, which activates the demand side and marginalises the supply side. The results indicate that the estimated values closely approximate the actual values. This macro-econometric model can be used to apply policy simulations, in order to determine appropriate economic policies for Namibia.

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JournalDevelopment Southern Africa
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Publication statusPublished - 4 Mar 2018


  • Macro-econometric
  • cointegration
  • demand-side
  • stationarity
  • supply-side

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