Suggestions towards a classification of and nomenclature for iron- formation.

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Iron-formation consists of allochems (ooids, peloids, etc.), massive femicrite (felutite) mesobands, microbanded femicrite (ferhythmite) mesobands and chert mesobands. The latter are defined as ribbons, waves and pods when thinner than 10cm and bands, billows and pillows when thicker. These components are used to define iron-formation lithotypes. Lutite mesobands which contain allochems are discultites or grainlutites and allochemical chert mesobands are called discstones, grainstones, etc., Macrobands of iron- formation, consisting of rhythmically alternating femicrite mesobands and chert mesobands, are defined by a combination of chert and femicrite mesoband names such as in ribbonrhythmite, ooidbandlutite, etc. Metamorphic iron-formation is defined as itabrite and rock types thereof are named through a system similar to the one applied to relatively unmetamorphosed iron-formation.-from Author

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