Stub Signature-Based Efficient Public Data Auditing System using Dynamic Procedures in Cloud Computing

Paromita Goswami, Neetu Faujdar, Ghanshyam Singh, Kanta Prasad, Ajoy Kumar Khan, Somen Debnath

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Online cloud data storage is a rapidly growing pillar of the IT industry that offers data owners an array of attractive developments in highly sought-after online scalable storage services. Cloud users can easily access these services and have the flexibility to manage their process data effectively without worrying about the deployment or maintenance of personal storage devices. As a result, the number of cloud users has increased to purchase these convenient and cost-effective services, while Cloud Service Providers (CSP) are also rising to meet this demand for appealing cloud solutions.However, there is one major security issue related to outsourced data on shared cloud storage: its privacy and accuracy cannot be guaranteed as it may be vulnerable to unauthorized access by malicious insiders or hackers from outside sources. To address these issues, we suggest proposing a partial signature-based data auditing system so that both privacy and accuracy can be fortified while reducing the computational cost associated with auditing processes significantly. This system would involve using cryptographic techniques such as homomorphic encryption and hash functions, which would enable secure sharing between multiple parties while ensuring integrity checks on stored files at regular intervals for any potential tampering attempts made by external attackers or malicious insiders who may try to gain unauthorized access into confidential user information stored within cloud sites. Another benefit of the plan is that it supports dynamic operation on outsourced data. This research work may achieve the desired security qualities, according to the security analysis, and it is effective for real-world applications, as demonstrated by simulation outcomes of dynamic operations on various numbers of data blocks and sub-blocks.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1
Number of pages1
JournalIEEE Access
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2024


  • Cloud computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Costs
  • Data dynamics
  • Data integrity
  • Data privacy
  • Hash functions
  • Partial signature
  • Public data auditing
  • Security
  • Servers
  • Unambiguity

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  • General Materials Science
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