Sources and processes in arc magmatism: The crucial role of water

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Arc magmatism distinguishes itself from magmatism in other tectonic settings by the crucial role that water plays in its petrogenesis. Water influences the geochemistry of the sub-arc mantle, by transferring fluid-soluble elements from the slab into the mantle. Water probably also carries the oxidised signature from the slab into the mantle wedge. The ubiquitous negative Ti-anomaly in arc magmas may reflect an increase of the compatibility of titanium in the solid residue during partial melting in water-bearing peridotite. Finally, water also has a strong influence on the identity of minerals involved in crystal fractionation processes, and gives rise to the low-Fe (calc-alkaline) fractionation trend by lowering the temperature at which the silicates start crystallising, without influencing the crystallisation temperature of iron-oxides.

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  • Crystal fractionation
  • Partial melting
  • Subduction
  • Volcanism

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