Some ICT Systems for Increasing Occupational Safety with a Reference to the Seaport Environment

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The paper presents some commercial ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions for increasing workers’ safety in invasive environments (e.g., steel industry, mining, construction, oil and gas rigs, seaports, etc.). It has been pointed to the need to increase safety measures, primarily because of the necessity to protect human lives and health, as well as to increase productivity and reduce the costs, which companies and insurance agencies have to cover in the case of accidents. The article also briefly describes some alternative solutions that have been examined at the level of simulations, in accordance to the actual needs and available resources at the Port of Bar (South Adriatic Sea). This seaport has been operating during the decades in the transitional conditions and it has been permanently faced with the impediments in providing sophisticated and expensive ICT solutions for occupational safety purposes.

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  • Harsh environments
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
  • Occupational safety
  • Port of Bar (South Adriatic Sea)

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