Simulation based learning to facilitate clinical readiness in diagnostic radiography. A meta-synthesis

L. Hazell, H. Lawrence, H. Friedrich-Nel

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Introduction: Simulation based learning (SBL) has been used in diagnostic radiography for teaching and learning purposes. However, the method of offering the SBL opportunities has not been placed in the context of whether the experiences provide the student with a real life simulation. Moreover, in the light of the current staff shortages and healthcare issues in South Africa, placing students into the clinical practice without sound grounding in the application of theory into practice would be unfair to the student and patients. Thus, SBL could provide the opportunity for the student to learn in a safe teaching and learning environment. Methods: A qualitative, meta- synthesis was undertaken using systematic literature searches. The existing literature in English was retrieved from databases (Medline, CINAHL and ScienceDirect). The keywords used were simulation based learning, simulation, radiography and diagnostic radiography. Results: Themes and categories were developed from the literature. Theme 1: An authentic and realistic situation, which is relevant to the development of a professional in the context of the profession. Theme 2: Building confidence in a safe, reliable and nurturing environment. Theme 3: Active participation in a collaborative process. Conclusion: The meta synthesis revealed three major themes that can be used as a framework to motivate for the use of SBL in a diagnostic radiography programme. Implications for practice: The implementation of SBL that could prepare students for the workplace. SBL focused on specific competencies for clinical readiness.

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Publication statusPublished - Nov 2020


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  • Simulation

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