Rethinking research relations, rethinking research or just rethinking

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This chapter argues the merits for analytical autoethnography - an examination of Self- Other relations. The dual role of the researcher in conducting autoethnographies - whether evocative and/or analytical or in doing conventional fieldwork requires critical engagement of the institutional/management mechanisms that protect, control and exploit research procedures, processes and ethical registration. Sometimes features considered ethical and legal by IRBs are, in contrast, regarded by research subjects as theft and opportunistic commoditization of community-based knowledge. In highlighting the contradictions and unintended consequences this chapter calls for a rethinking of regulatory regimes in the academy and in the field. These regimes need to be reconstituted to work for us and our research participants also, not just for the institutional legal eagles, bureaucrats and auditors.

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Title of host publicationSouthern Hemisphere Ethnographies of Space, Place, and Time
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Publication statusPublished - 30 Mar 2018

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