Recent Advances in Improvement of Postharvest Application of Edible Coatings on Fruit

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Edible coatings have been a promising eco-friendly and sustainable alternative for keeping the postharvest quality of fruits and vegetables. The success of edible coatings is largely based on its ingredients, methods of production and its application, while the application techniques are vital in ensuring that coatings act at their optimal potential. It is thus vital that we understand the factors that may limit their success in the commercial environment. Based on this literature study, improvements in terms of coating formulation, drying, incorporation of nanoparticles and multilayer systems were identified as necessary to overcome postharvest challenges. In addition, there is a need for further investigation into the expansion of nanoparticle systems and layer-by-layer technique for improved efficacy of edible coatings on fruit. Further research is required to determine the effect of other application parameters such as coating temperature and exposure time, as these parameters effect the cross-links that form, as well as the density and strength of the coating. It is also necessary to rationally develop a new generation of edible coatings that will consider the role of the application method in its success.

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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2023

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