Quality political participation and the SDGs in African small island developing States

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Apart from Mauritius, fi ve of the six African small island developing States (ASIDS) are relatively new to democracy with several only transitioning from one-party states to multiparty states in the early 1990s. Goals 13 and 14 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are priority goals for the ASIDS. Given that one of the key tests of a healthy democracy is the depth of civil society, this article seeks to examine the quality of political participation in the ASIDS in relation to these two priority SDGs. In so doing, this article considers conventional and nonconventional forms of participation and the potential impact these diff erent avenues for a public "voice" might or might not have on the ASIDS' government management of climate change and marine resources.

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  • Civil society
  • Climate change
  • Ocean preservation
  • Quality democracy

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