Preparing emerging markets to participate in a new era of communication. a technical and economic perspective

Wynand Lambrechts, Saurabh Sinha

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In this digital era and with the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) imminent and earmarked to change many facets of the digital economy, fast and reliable internet and connectivity in general are possibly some of the most important products required. As the digital service sector evolves, certain key characteristics remain a commonality, such as adequate digital infrastructure, technology-literate end users, innovative skilled entrepreneurs, and business environments that encourage creative thinking. There are numerous economic advantages to upskilling the technical (digital) ecosystem of a country or region and benefits will increase over the long term. However, some emerging markets are struggling to develop adequate infrastructure to participate in a digital economy and have pressing issues that further stifle techno-economic growth. As fifth-generation (5G) and millimeter-Wave communications are opening up new ways of connectivity, from high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to structured and tailored service offerings with dynamic access (therefore potentially dynamic pricing), this is probably the best time for emerging markets to invest in their digital infrastructure (and even to consider abandoning old infrastructure). This chapter investigates the techno-economic perspectives of unequal markets and reviews causes, effects, and potential solutions to modernizing policies and regulations to encourage and incentivize participation in the digital economy.

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