Precambrain iron-formations of the world; introduction

Harold L. James, Paul K. Sims, A. M. Goodwin, R. W. Bayley, H. L. James, N. J. Beukes, John Van N. Dorr, A. F. Trendall, Eugene A. Alexandrov, Bevan M. French, Cornelis Klein, Gene L. LaBerge, E. C. Perry, F. C. Tan, G. B. Morey

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Volume contains an introduction and 16 papers presented at a symposium sponsored by the Society of Economic Geologists and the University of Minnesota and held at Duluth, Minnesota, November 10-12 1972. It is designed to provide a semi-global assessment of the nature and distribution of Precambrian iron-formations, to present an up-to-date review of the status of specialized investigations, and to consider the ultimate questions of origin and significance. The papers that make up the volume are grouped accordingly under the general headings: Regional Distribution, Specialized Research, Synthesis and Speculation. Individual papers are provided with bibliographic references. Following is the list of titles and authors:Introduction. By Harold L. James and Paul K. Sims. Archean Iron-Formations and Tectonic Basins of the Canadian Shield. By A. M. Goodwin. Precambrian Iron-Formations of the United States. By R. W. Bayley and H. L. James. Precambrian Iron-Formations of Southern Africa. By N. J. Beukes. Iron-Formation in South America. By John Van N. Dorr II. Precambrian Iron-Formations of Australia. By A. F. Trendall. Precambrian Banded Iron-Formations of the Soviet Union. By Eugene A. Alexandrov. Mineral Assemblages in Diagenetic and Low-Grade Metamorphic Iron-Formation. By Bevan M. French. Changes in Mineral Assemblages with Metamorphism of Some Banded Precambrian Iron-Formations. By Cornelis Klein Jr. Varve Cycles in the Weeli Wolli Formation of the Precambrian Hamersley Group, Western Australia. By A. F. Trendall. Possible Biological Origin of Precambrian Iron-Formations. By Gene L. LaBerge. Geology and Stable Isotope Geochemistry of the Biwabik Iron Formation, Northern Minnesota. By E. C. Perry Jr. , F. C. Tan and G. B. Morey.

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Publication statusPublished - 1973

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