Placed in a hidden place: Illuminating the displacement of Q 11:33, 34-35

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In his influential 1987 monograph, Kloppenborg identified three layers in the Sayings Gospel Q: the "formative stratum" (or Q1), the "main redaction" (or Q2), and the "final recension " (or Qs). Out of these, only the first two are relevant for this discussion. According to Kloppenborg's model, the formative layer already existed in a compiled format before it was expanded with additional material by the main redactor. Despite their titles, numbers or sequence, these layers should not be equated with tradition history in the way that form-critical and redaction-critical layers of the New Testament commonly are. Both layers probably contain authentic Jesus material. Kloppenborg rightfully attributed the block of material in Q 11:14-51 that deals exclusively with the proclamation of judgment against "this generation," including the Pharisees and scribes, to the main redaction. On the face of it, however, this block of material is rudely interrupted by Q 11:33-35. In my view, the best explanation for why the main redactor would insert the logia of Q 11:33-35 into this block of prophetic judgment material is because he found at least one of these maxims in the formative layer. As such, this article will re-examine the ascription of Q 11:33-35 to the main redaction. In turn, each saying will be measured against Kloppenborg's own criteria for distinguishing between Q1 and Q 2.

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