Perspectives on ICT4D and socio-economic growth opportunities in developing countries

Patrick Ndayizigamiye, Glenda Barlow-Jones, Roelien Brink, Stella Bvuma, Rehana Minty, Siyabonga Mhlongo

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Technology has been hailed as one of the catalysts toward economic and human development. In the current economic era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, information acquisition, transformation, and dissemination processes are posed to be the key enablers of development. However, in the context of developing countries, there is a need for more evidence on the impact that ICT has on addressing developmental issues. Such evidence is needed to make a case for investments in ICT-led interventions to improve people's lives in developing countries. Perspectives on ICT4D and Socio-Economic Growth Opportunities in Developing Countries is a collection of innovative research on current trends that portray the ICT and development nexus (ICT4D) from economic and human development perspectives within developing countries. While highlighting topics including mobile money, poverty alleviation, and consumer behavior, this book is ideally designed for economists, government officials, policymakers, ICT specialists, business professionals, researchers, academicians, students, and entrepreneurs.

Original languageEnglish
PublisherIGI Global
Number of pages507
ISBN (Electronic)9781799829850
ISBN (Print)1799829839, 9781799829836
Publication statusPublished - 9 Oct 2020

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