Multi-disciplinary staff perspectives and consensus on e-Learning and mHealth for Health Sciences curricula

Habib Noorbhai, Danica Sims, Nadia Hartman

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Health systems face complex challenges–even more so in resource-constrained contexts such as South Africa. Alignment of local educational systems with national development goals is needed to strengthen health systems. The further disruption of COVID-19 to educational and health systems underscores the necessity to adapt our curricula and practices. Integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), such as e-Learning and mobile health (mHealth) applications integrated with learning management systems, or virtual learning environments, offer a sustainable strategy for the enhancement of Health Science student training, graduate competency development and delivery of quality patient care. Uptake, or not, of e-Learning and mHealth at several South African universities was explored through a survey with staff (n = 65) from across the Health Sciences. Diverse perceptions, experiences and recommendations were found, including the prevalence and dis/advantages of e-Learning and mHealth in the Health Sciences. The perceived usefulness of specific features of each were highlighted. In closing, a multi-modal model of epistemology, axiology and ontology in healthcare technology, digital health and medical education–including content, skills, technology development and challenges/constraints–is presented.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)620-639
Number of pages20
JournalHigher Education Research and Development
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2024


  • (modified) Delphi
  • South Africa
  • e-Learning
  • health sciences
  • mHealth
  • staff

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