Mining-Dependent Localities in South Africa: The State of Partnerships for Small Town Local Development

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This paper contributes to international writings on partnerships surrounding the local development impacts of mining in the developing world. As a result of radical changes in the policy and institutional environment affecting both the mining sector and local development planning, South Africa is considered to offer 'good practice' in partnerships. The results of a national survey on the state of local partnerships in mining-dependent local municipalities are presented. Mining-dependent localities in South Africa are concentrated mainly in the country's peripheral regions and in many cases are vulnerable, poorly capacitated local municipalities. Although new legislation and requirements for mines to develop social and labour plans has resulted in an improved state of local partnerships, further action is required to maximize the local development potential of mining projects in small towns.

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JournalUrban Forum
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Publication statusPublished - Mar 2012


  • Local economic development planning
  • Local municipalities
  • Mining
  • Small town South Africa

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