Microstructure and dry sliding wear property of laser clad Ti-6Al-4V under different counterface materials

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The titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) coated with commercially pure (CP) Ti particles was fabricated by the laser cladding process. Coating quality was investigated by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction, while wear resistance of the alloys was evaluated on a ball-onflat dry sliding wear tester at room temperature under a load of 25 N, frequency of 5 Hz and stroke length of 2 mm using three counterface materials (302 SS, Brass and WC). Mass loss of the laser cladded samples as well as the wear rate of each counterface material was calculated. SEM images revealed growth of acicular widmanstätten α, also known as α′ martensite, embedded in a prior β matrix at the coating-substrate interface. Smearing of Ti from the cladded samples was observed on the worn surfaces of the counterface materials except for brass which showed high material removal.

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Title of host publicationAMI Light Metals Conference 2014
EditorsUlyate A. Curle, Heinrich Möller
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EventAMI Light Metals Conference 2014 - North West Province, South Africa
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  • Ti-6Al-4V
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