Mechanical properties analyses of bolted joint of Kusha and Nacha fiber composite laminates

Chalachew Dagnew Yehuala, Olawale Samuel Fatoba, Yusuf Ali

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Researchers have been inspired to work on natural fibres as a replacement for man-made synthetic fibres in many lightweight, medium-load applications by the demand for environmentally friendly materials. In this research work, Kusha and Nacha fibre composite laminates have been made by using general-purpose polyester resin to study the possibility of using it as a new material. And its mechanical properties were evaluated. The fibre mat was fabricated by using a weaving setup tech nique and fabrication of laminates with [0°/0°, −45°/45°, and 0°/90°] degree orientations by hand lay-up. The mechanical properties like tensile, shear, and bearing strengths of bolted joints of Kusha and Nacha fibre composite laminates were investigated experimentally. The 18 different laminated composite plate specimens have been tested to observe the influences of joint geometry and stacking sequence on the failure mechanism. Comparisons have been made between the Nacha and Kusha composite fibre laminates in order to determine different failure modes. The mechanical properties of Kusha fibre laminates showed maximum average tensile strengths of 70.05 MPa, bearing strengths of 118.6 MPa, and shear strengths of 32.14 MPa. Whereas Nacha fibre laminates showed maximum tensile strengths of 101.6 MPa, bearing strengths of 149.9 MPa, and shear strengths of 40.2 MPa. Nacha fibre laminates showed more mechanical strength than Kusha fibre laminates. Generally, for this tensile, shear, and bearing strength test of [0°/0°], [−45°/45°], and [0°/90°] angle play for Nacha and Kusha fibres, [0°/90°] angle play has better bearing and shear strength than other angle arrangements.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2253643
JournalCogent Engineering
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • bolted joint
  • fibre composite laminates
  • fibre orientation
  • mechanical property
  • shear strength
  • tensile strength

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  • General Chemical Engineering
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