Meaning-Making and Mental Health in Leadership and Organization Through Family and Spiritual Resilience

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Since the start of COVID-19, demands on leaders have increased due to rapid changes in the workplace and the implementation of interventions, such as social distancing, travel restrictions, virtual work, and new essential teamwork methods. At the same time, these changes have had a strong impact on psychological health and well-being, the performance of employees, and performance of leadership. Therefore, leaders are asked to explore new ways of managing work, organizations, and employees. It is argued in this chapter that creating meaning in the workplace, in particular with remote working, has gained importance. Leaders who begin with a pro-active mindset of creating meaning in remote workplaces foster mental health and well-being in leaders and in organizations. Meaning creation as a concept of successful performance leadership ensures and supports the building of a constructive organizational culture, a strengthened connectedness between employees, and more holistic and integrative approaches. How meaning is created can differ. However, it has been shown that family resilience and spiritual resilience are both supportive 72when it comes to creating mental health and well-being and increasing performance. The chapter discusses creating meaning for mental health and well-being and performance leadership with regard to familial and spiritual resilience and special regard to South African workplaces and leadership. Conclusions and recommendations for future research and practice will be given.

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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2024
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  • Creating meaning
  • Family resilience
  • Leadership
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Organizations
  • Performance leadership
  • South Africa
  • Spiritual resilience

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