Investigation of multiple orifice Air Jet Vortex generators for flow control

S. Shun, N. A. Ahmed

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An experimental investigation was conducted to determine the performance characteristics of an Air Jet Vortex Generator (AJVG) configured as a closely spaced arrangement of geometrically related orifices. Testing was conducted at a Reynolds number of 6.4 × 105 on a NACA 6 series airfoil equipped with an array of the devices. Early studies with multiple orifice AJVG's suggested that the incremental increases in performance did not justify the additional energy expended. However, more recent work indicates that a geometrically related series of orifices used with a related air injection velocity profile may yield results of greater promise. The AJVG was tested with two main groups of velocity profiles. Results obtained suggest that augmenting an AJVG with additional momentum provides additional incremental increases in lift coefficient, however; one group of velocity profiles appeared to provide total lift coefficient gains for less overall energy consumption compared with the other.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Externally publishedYes
Event14th Australian International Aerospace Congress, AIAC 2011 - Melbourne, Australia
Duration: 28 Feb 20113 Mar 2011


Conference14th Australian International Aerospace Congress, AIAC 2011


  • Air Jet
  • Exponential jet
  • Flow control
  • Separation control
  • Vortex Generator

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