Information technologygovernance practicesand stakeholdermanagement: A multinational organisationalperspective


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The purpose of this article is to explore the relationshipof information technology (IT) governance practices andstakeholder management within global IT projects. Having ITgovernance in place is one thing, but practicability in the projectis another challenge for project managers. While the practice ofgovernance is still a challenge to implement, stakeholdermanagement within the context of IT governance addscomplexity to managing local and foreign stakeholders thatspan country borders. This article provides an understanding ofhow IT governance and stakeholder management areinseparable when implementing global IT projects. Interviewswere used to determine the industry best practices formultinational organisations and project practitioners' experiencein the implementation of global IT projects. The results highlightthe link between stakeholder management and specific ITgovernance practices for proactively implementing global ITprojects. A relationship management approach for projectmanagers and other key project players to link both ITgovernance and stakeholder engagement is required. From apractical standpoint, the study explored the practitioners'experience and practices of IT governance implementation inline with stakeholder management in various global IT projects.

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JournalJournal of Modern Project Management
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  • Developing countries
  • Global it project
  • It governance
  • Stakeholdermanagement

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