Influence of cleanliness on learners learning capabilities and academic performances: A south african perspective

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Cleanliness which promotes good health in learners in schools has become paramount considering the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and its adverse effects on learners learning abilities and success. Also, cleanliness seems to have a link with security. Hence, the study explored the connection between cleanliness, security and the learning abilities of learners. In other words, attempt was made to investigate the relationship that exists between cleanliness in classroom, school environment, learners' habit and their academic performances. Qualitative method was adopted for the study. Purposive sampling was used to select three rural and three urban schools in KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa. Meanwhile, convenience sampling was used to select six educators who participated in the study. Semi-structured interviews were employed for data collection. The findings of the study suggest firstly that there is a link between security and cleanliness, and such is the reason why most urban high schools experience more cleanliness than their counterparts in rural communities. Secondly, cleanliness is a contributory factor which enhances the learning abilities of learners. Cleanliness which is upheld more in urban high schools compared to rural based high schools contributes towards boosting teaching and learning activities as well as the academic performances of learners. The paper therefore recommends amongst others that better security should be considered in and for rural based high schools. Cleanliness should be treated with esteem in high schools and at all levels. Also, learners should be taught personal hygiene as one of the co-curricular subjects.

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JournalUniversal Journal of Educational Research
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Publication statusPublished - Nov 2020


  • Cleanliness
  • Learners' Academic Performances
  • Learners' Learning Abilities
  • Rural High Schools
  • Urban High Schools

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