Inducing stem cell differentiation using low intensity laser irradiation: A possible novel therapeutic intervention

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Developments in adult stem cell (ASC) potentiation have contributed to excitement in the field of stem cell-based therapy. The use of ASCs not only increases therapeutic treatment possibilities but successful use of multipotent cells for gene therapy has been demonstrated in animal models [1]. Concurrent ability of stem cells (SCs) to either contribute to disease development, as identified in cancer stem cells (CSCs), or to replace diseased tissue by induced differentiation using selected growth factors, has highlighted the intricate molecular and cellular mechanisms. Adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs) are capable of self-renewal and respond well to induced differentiation [2]. Auto-immunity and transplant rejection may become minor limitations when selective induction of immunological nonresponsiveness to specific antigens or tissues become possible using autologous cell sources [3]. CSCs initiate tumorogenesis, can generate differentiated daughter cells or undergo self-renewal while thought to instigate tumour regeneration post-treatment. Therapy targeting CSCs has failed to provide feasible alternatives to conventional cancer treatment. Low intensity laser irradiation (LILI), induce a biostimulatory response in several tissue types in addition to a dose-response effect to the detriment of cellular degeneration. Potential of LILI to induce CSC differentiation and subsequent cytotoxic therapy to prevent tumour regeneration is explored in this mini-review.

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  • Adipose derived stem cells
  • Autologous grafts
  • Cancer stem cells
  • Low Intensity Laser Irradiation

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