Improvement of Logistics and Supply Chain management in the cement industry in Nigeria

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Worldwide, Logistics and Supply Chain play important roles and also contribute immensely to the economy of a nation. In this paper, research was conducted to investigate how logistics and supply chains are implemented in cement factories in Nigeria, identify the problem areas and proffer solutions. The study was conducted by administering well-structured questionnaires. According to the investigation, it was confirmed that most of the investigated companies based their logistical system only on road-link transport system for delivering products to their customers or end-users. Furthermore, the survey revealed that 73% of the respondents prefer to continue with the road-link logistics system. Though there is railway infrastructure in the country but due to research finding, the rail system is obsolete due to negligence and poor maintenance on this logistics system. A new railway infrastructure will have to be put in place for effective and efficient operation; and this is going to be costly for individual company to bear.

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