Gamma radiation shielding properties of (x)Bi2O3-(0.5 - x)ZnO-0.2B2O3-0.3SiO2glass system

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Lead (Pb)-based materials are very effective in radiation shielding due to their high density of Pb. However, they pose health risks to humans because of the toxicity of lead. As a result, the investigation of radiation shielding properties of various lead-free glass materials has drawn a lot of attention from researchers. In this work, the γ radiation competence of the Bi2O3-ZnO-B2O3-SiO2 glass network was investigated, for the fi rst time in the 0.015-15 MeV energy range, using Phy-X/PSD and XCOM software systems. The results showed that 45Bi2O3-5ZnO-20B2O3-30SiO2 glass sample has the highest linear attenuation coeffi cient, mass attenuation coeffi cient, and effective atomic number, and it has the lowest half-value layer, tenth-value layer, and mean-free path. Therefore, 45Bi2O3-5ZnO-20B2O3-30SiO sample is more effective on γ ray shielding than 10Bi2O3-40ZnO-20B2O3-30SiO, 20Bi2O3-30ZnO-20B2O3-30SiO, 30Bi2O3-20ZnO-20B2O3-30SiO, and 40Bi2O3-10ZnO-20B2O3-30SiO samples. The comparison of the results with the literature also revealed that the 45Bi2O3-5ZnO-20B2O3-30SiO glass sample is even more effective than some of Bi2O3-based glass systems, which were recently developed in the literature, by at least a factor of 2.

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  • BiO-ZnO-BO-SiO
  • Bismuth-oxide
  • Glass
  • Heavy metal oxide
  • γ-ray shielding

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