Fuzzy system dynamics of manpower systems

Michael Mutingi, Charles Mbohwa

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Manpower recruitment and training in uncertain and turbulent environments is a challenge to decision makers in large organizations. In the absence of numerical precision on market growth and the ensuing manpower demand, designing manpower planning policies is vital. Often times, companies incur losses due to overstaffing and/or understaffing. For instance, organizations lose business when critical human resources leave. As a result, it is essential to develop robust effective dynamic recruitment and training policies, especially in a fuzzy and dynamic environment. In this chapter, a fuzzy systems dynamics modeling approach is developed to simulate and evaluate alternative dynamic policies relating skills recruitment, skills training, and available skills from a systems thinking perspective. Fuzzy system dynamics is implemented based on fuzzy logic and system dynamics concepts in order to arrive at robust strategies for manpower decision makers. It is anticipated that fuzzy system dynamics can help organizations to design effective manpower recruitment strategies in a dynamic and uncertain environment.

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Publication statusPublished - 31 Jan 2015

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