Fostering healthy human relationships at community level in post-apartheid South Africa

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Relationships are fundamental to the survival of communities, and the profession of social work seeks to nurture and maintain the former. Macro practice social work theory considers community as locality in terms of space as well as a form of relationship that exists among people. Macro practice social workers use the community development approach to address a wide array of social issues such as crime, unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse and other concerns at the local level. Community development is a practice that is based on relationships and it is through relationships that social cohesion, community dialogue and <Emphasis Type="Italic">ubuntu</Emphasis>, as that a collective community development process can be attained. It is in this context that this chapter focuses on community development efforts that enhance healthy human relationships in the townships and villages of South Africa. Recommendations are put forward towards the end of this chapter for macro social work practice to pioneer innovative solutions to enhance relational-oriented communities.

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Title of host publicationPromoting Healthy Human Relationships in Post-Apartheid South Africa
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Publication statusPublished - 11 Oct 2020


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