First report of bacterial endophytes from the leaves of Pellaea calomelanos in South Africa

Siphiwe G. Mahlangu, Mahloro H. Serepa-Dlamini

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Bacteria have an endosymbiotic association with plants. Previous studies have identified endophytic bacteria and their importance in biocontrol and drug development. However, most medicinal plants identified have not been assayed for bacterial endophytes. In this study, we characterised and identified bacterial endophytes from surface-sterilised leaves of Pellaea calomelanos, a common fern in the Limpopo and Gauteng Provinces, South Africa. Using morphological data and 16S rRNA gene sequencing, we differentiated and identified six putative endophytic bacteria, with Pantoea as the dominant genus; the other two identified bacteria belong to genera Arthrobacter and Bacillus. Data from this study are an addition to the previously less studied phylloplane bacteria. This study is a pilot in cataloguing bacterial endophytes from Pellaea calomelanos. Significance: • This study provides the first report of six putative bacterial endophytes from Pellaea calomelanos. • Our results will pave the way for exploring the antimicrobial activity of P. calomelanos bacterial endophytes and whole genome comparisons between plant bacterial endophytes and plant bacterial pathogens.

Original languageEnglish
Article number4235
JournalSouth African Journal of Science
Issue number9-10
Publication statusPublished - 2018


  • 16S rRNA gene
  • Biolog micro-station
  • Medicinal plant
  • Pantoea
  • Phylogenetic analysis

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