Exploration of solutions for revitalisation of rural areas in South Africa

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Rural regions in South Africa need revitalisation. This paradigm shift is due to overpopulation and congestion in urban areas, technological advances leading to "space shrinking", a growing need for food security, and a need for a sense of community and belonging. Since 2011, the national State of the Nation addresses (SONAs) in South Africa have focused on rural development as one of the main priorities of government, a neglected practice for more than two decades. This article analyses the state of rural development policies in South Africa and provides solutions for improved implementation. Government policies have been analysed and a need for improved rural development coordination is required. Possible solutions provided include categorising of rural regions, the "Feza iSimangaliso" rural development model, and rural development best practice principles and procedures.

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JournalMediterranean Journal of Social Sciences
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  • Job creation
  • Local economic development (LED)
  • Local government
  • Revitalisation
  • Rural development
  • South Africa

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