Exorcising the kingdom saying from the Beelzebul story (Q 11:14–15, 17–20)

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In The Formation of Q, Kloppenborg identifies three redactional layers in the Sayings Gospel Q: the “formative stratum” (or Q1), the “main redaction” (or Q2), and the “final recension” (or Q3). He ascribes the Beelzebul story in Q 11:14–15, 17–20 entirely to the main redaction. It will presently be argued that the kingdom saying in Q 11:17b appeared in the formative stratum before it was incorporated into the Beelzebul story as part of the main redaction.

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JournalJournal of Early Christian History
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Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • Beelzebul
  • Kloppenborg
  • Q
  • Satan
  • Sayings Gospel
  • accusation
  • kingdom
  • redaction
  • saying
  • stratification

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