Electrical and thermal transport properties of RECu4 Au compounds, RE=Nd, Gd

Aiman Kamal Bashir, Moise Bertin Tchoula Tchokonté, A. M. Strydom

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We report the electrical and thermal transport properties of NdCu4 Au and GdCu4 Au compounds, crystallizing in the cubic MgCu4 Sn - type crystal structure, with space group F4 3m (no. 216).These properties are reported through measurements of electrical resistivity, ρ(T), thermoelectric power, S(T) and thermal conductivity, λ(T). ρ(T) and S(T) data indicate an antiferromagnetic (AFM)-like anomaly associated with a Néel temperature TN=3.9 K and 10.9 K for NdCu4Au and GdCu4Au compounds, respectively. ρ(T) data for both compounds shows a sudden drop at TN. Above TN, ρ(T) results are characteristic of an electron-phonon interaction in the presence of s-d scattering. Application of magnetic field slightly suppresses TN value in GdCu4 Au compound from TN=10.9 K in a field of 0 T to 10.1 K in a field of 6 T. S(T) data at low temperatures for both compounds shows a minimum at TN. Critical analysis of S(T) in terms of the phenomenological resonance model yield the positions (Ef) and bandwidths (Wf) of the 4f band in both compounds: Ef=3.81(6)K, Wf=329(58) K for the Nd compound and Ef=18.2(4) K, Wf=306(5) K for the Gd compound. λ(T) for both compounds decreases linearly upon cooling from room temperature. The reduced Lorentz number L/L0 deviates from the Wiedmann-Franz at low temperature with a strong increase in L/L0 upon cooling the samples from room temperature.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)69-73
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
Publication statusPublished - 15 Sept 2016


  • A. intermetallic compounds
  • D. electrical properties
  • D. thermal conductivity
  • D. thermoelectric properties

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