Economic Inclusion: Transforming the Lives of the Poor and How to Make Economic Inclusion Work in Africa

David Mhlanga, Emmanuel Ndhlovu

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In recent years, notably in Africa, a significant worldwide movement to improve and increase economic involvement for the poorest people has evolved. To show the forces of change that will influence Africa’s economic inclusion and several methods that can help to improve economic inclusion in Africa, the chapter used document analysis. The chapter found several major patterns as the sources of exclusion, which include extreme poverty, informality, shock sensitivity, demographic dynamics, and the building of human capital. Once more, the chapter outlined initiatives that can aid in enhancing economic inclusion in Africa, such as promoting more and better jobs and livelihoods, enhancing financial literacy and payment options, using economic inclusion to boost women’s empowerment, and bolstering financial inclusion initiatives, and gender-conscious program delivery. The chapter underlined the importance of women’s empowerment as the foundation for all economic inclusion measures in Africa, in addition to the other ideas covered in the preceding paragraphs. Women’s empowerment programs should make greater investments in the welfare and empowerment of women, empowering them to reject gender stereotypes and step outside of their customary positions.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAdvances in African Economic, Social and Political Development
PublisherSpringer Nature
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Publication statusPublished - 2023
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