Drivers of reverse logistics in the plastic industry: Producer's perspective

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In the light of growing concerns over resource conservation, environmental protection and the development of recovery systems, reverse logistics (RLs) has become a key factor for many manufacturing companies. If properly implemented, RLs has the potential to contribute positively to environmental concerns and economic gains. As more and more plastics products are produced for once of use, it has become necessary for plastic manufacturing industries to develop RLs systems for their end-of-life products in order to reuse, recycle or remanufacture them. An examination of the drivers that influence the implementation of reverse logistics from the producer's perspective was conducted in the plastic manufacturing industry. A survey of PET beverage companies in Zambia was conducted focusing on environmental concerns, economic gains and government legislations as drivers of analysis. A structured questionnaire was administered to mangers of the selected companies and a decision matrix was used to averagely rank the companies' drivers according to their preference. Analysis of the questionnaires indicated the following RL drivers as having the most influence towards RL implementation in the PET beverage companies; decreasing waste production, getting prepared for future legislations, environmental regulations and directives and national legislations.

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JournalProceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
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EventIEOM Bogota Conference / 1st South American Congress 2017 - Bogota, Colombia
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  • Reverse logistics
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