Domination and Total Domination in Hypergraphs

Michael A. Henning, Anders Yeo

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A dominating set in a hypergraph H with vertex set V (H) and E(H) is a subset of vertices D ⊆ V (H) such that for every vertex v ∈ V (H) ∖ D, there exists an edge e ∈ E(H) for which v ∈ e and e ∩ D≠∅. A total dominating set in H is a dominating set D of H with the additional property that for every vertex v in D, there exists an edge e ∈ E(H) for which v ∈ e and e ∩ (D ∖{v})≠∅. The domination number γ(H) and the total domination number γt(H) are the minimum cardinalities of a dominating set and total dominating set, respectively, in H. This chapter presents an overview of research on domination and total domination in hypergraphs.

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Title of host publicationDevelopments in Mathematics
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Publication statusPublished - 2021

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  • Dominating set
  • Hypergraph domination
  • Total dominating set

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