Correlation of career satisfaction with burnout among nigerian nurses

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Objective: This study examined the relationship of career satisfaction with burnout among nurses in Nigerian federal medical setting. Materials and Methods: A convenience sample of 923 Nigerian nurses participated in this questionnaire-based, cross-section-al survey. Two self-report questionnaires measuring career satisfaction and burnout in nurses were used for collecting data. Results: 63.1% of the study sample were females; 16.4% had working experience of 0-5years, 28.5% had experience of 6-10 years, 30.7% had experience of 11-15years whereas the rest of the sample had working experience of ≥ 15years. There was a negative correlation of nurses' career satisfaction with burnout total score (Pearson r =-.027, p =.411). Specifically, nurses' career satisfaction score negatively correlated with physical fatigue (Pearson r =-.021, p =.524) and emotional exhaustion (Pearson r =-.047, p =.158) but not cognitive weariness (Pearson r =.029, p =.384). Even with a moderate level of career satisfaction (2.45 ±.47), the nurses reported having high burnout (3.85 ±.05). Conclusion: Regular assessment of career satisfaction and burnout levels among these nurses should be conducted by help-ing professionals interested in burnout management research in Nigerian federal medical settings.

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  • Burnout
  • Career satisfaction
  • Federal medical centre
  • Nigeria
  • Nurses
  • Occupational environments

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