Conclusions and Future Scope

Viranjay M. Srivastava, Ghanshyam Singh

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After modeling of the symmetrical double-gate (DG) MOSFET, we have drawn the layout and simulate with the parameters available in the MOSFET. It includes the basics of the circuit elements parameter required for the radio-frequency subsystems of the integrated circuits such as drain current, output voltage, threshold voltage, capacitances, resistances at switch ON-state condition, oxide thickness, resistance of polysilicon, number of bulk capacitors, and power or voltage gain. For the purpose of RF/microwave switch, we have explored the methods to minimize the control voltage, resistance for the switching condition, and the capacitances for isolation. However, double-pole four-throw (DP4T) CMOS inverter switch has been designed with low insertion loss and low control voltage. The DP4T RF CMOS switch has been designed using the independently controlled double gate, which has been discussed in detail, and the impact on the power consumption with respect to ON-state resistance and current, propagation delay, leakage behavior, as well as area of the device is presented. It shows that the numbers of transistor are reduced with the application of DG MOSFET and also the area can be significantly reduced for logic gates; therefore, the logic density per area increases. The favorable condition for low-power circuit is that where both transistor gates are on the same potential contribution even a reduced amount of the leakage current. The proposed DP4T RF CMOS switch design with double-gate transistors modifies the conventional analog switch circuit design to operate with digital signals to achieve isolation buffering for bidirectional signals and high-density packing of multiple buffer switches operating under single enable control in a single package.

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  • Drain Current
  • Hafnium Dioxide
  • Lateral Electric Field
  • Random Dopant Fluctuation
  • Subthreshold Swing

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