Bioconvective periodic MHD Eyring-Powell fluid flow around a rotating cone: Influence of multiple diffusions and oxytactic microorganisms

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Investigating the effects of periodic magnetic field and triple diffusion on bioconvection flow through a rotating cone populated by oxytactic bacteria and an Eyring-Powell fluid is innovative and significant. The magneto-bioconvection flow of an Eyring-Powell multi-diffusive fluid across a spinning cone is investigated in this paper, considering the effect of oxytactic microorganisms. The non-similar technique is used in the mathematical analysis of the flow over a spinning cone. The flow under consideration contains two diffusive species: liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. In light of the periodic magnetic field, the surface gradients, notably skin friction, exhibit wavy effects in the boundary layer domain. The governing equations for the fluid flow in the current flow problem, accompanied by heat diffusion, species diffusion, rotation, bioconvection, and periodic magnetic, are highly coupled nonlinear PDEs dependent on the proper initial and boundary conditions. Mangler's transformations convert them into non-dimensional forms, and numerical non-similar solutions are produced using implicit finite difference approximation and quasi-linearisation. The enriching values of bioconvective Rayleigh number Rb decline the velocity F, as a result, lessen the friction between the surrounding fluid and the cone's surface. The improving Peclet number Pe and microbial density difference σ reduced the microorganism density profile and heightened the microorganism density number Re-1/2Nn.

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JournalAEJ - Alexandria Engineering Journal
Publication statusPublished - 15 Oct 2023


  • Entropy generation
  • Eyring-Powell fluid
  • Multiple diffusions
  • Oxytactic bioconvection
  • Periodic MHD
  • Rotating cone

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