Appraising understandings of a social justice-infused pedagogy: Adinkra symbols as probes

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This article explores understandings of a social justice-infused pedagogy whilst inspiring new approaches to design. Drawing on the work of Giroux (2004), hooks (2003) and Leibowitz and Bozalek (2016), amongst others, this paper offers a case study of a student project in a Department of Fashion at a Durban-based University of Technology (UoT), in which students partnered with community stakeholders on a collaborative handbag design project. The project involved using traditional Ghanaian Adinkra symbols as probes to explore how students and their community partners understand the concept of social justice pedagogy. Group interviews, photographs and thematic content analysis are used to collect and analyse data on understandings of social justice pedagogy. Consequently, three themes are discussed about the groups’ understanding of a socially infused pedagogy. Beyond their role in understanding this pedagogy, these historical symbols are noted by the groups as providing a new approach to their design process.

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