An accelerated gradient-based optimization development for multi-reservoir hydropower systems optimization

Yin Fang, Iman Ahmadianfar, Arvin Samadi-Koucheksaraee, Reza Azarsa, Miklas Scholz, Zaher Mundher Yaseen

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Hydropower is one of the significant renewable energy resources. It is regularly requested at peak time steps to meet the load requirements of power systems resources allocation. Therefore, modeling the optimal operation of hydropower systems to maximize the entire energy production of reservoir systems can be a vital task for energy investment. Deriving optimal unknown decision parameters of these reservoir systems is a nonlinear, nonconvex, and complex optimization problem. Herein, a novel optimization algorithm, called an accelerated version of gradient-based optimization (AGBO), is developed to solve a complex multi-reservoir hydropower system. This advised technique uses an efficient adaptive control parameters mechanism to stabilize the global and local search; utilizing an enhanced local escaping operator (ELEO) to extend the chances of getting away from local optima; expanding the exploitation search by applying the sequential quadratic programming (SQP) technique. At first, the developed AGBO algorithm is employed to solve the optimal operation of a complex 10-reservoir hydropower system. Secondly, the possibility of the AGBO algorithm within the global optimization problems is illustrated by numerical tests of 23 mathematical benchmark functions. Optimal results show that the proposed AGBO can approach to 0.9999% of the optimal global solution. As a result, the advised method is the most superior one compared to the other advanced optimization algorithms for maximizing the load demands in hydropower system. In conclusion, this offers a productive tool to solve the complex hydropower multi-reservoir optimization systems.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)7854-7877
Number of pages24
JournalEnergy Reports
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2021


  • Accelerated gradient
  • Hydropower
  • Multi-reservoir optimization
  • Sequential quadratic programming
  • Water resources management

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