Al-Si/SiC nanoparticles composites synthesized by double stir casting

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The present invention provides Al-Si/SiC nanoparticles composites with the composition of 7%Si, 15%SiC with average particle size (APS) of SiC, 20, 30, 40 nm and 65μm using a novel double stir casting method. The inventive nano-composites by double stir casting show a nearly uniform distribution and good dispersion of the nano-particles within the Al matrix, although small agglomeration was found in the matrix of the micro-composite. The enhancement in values of impact strength and tensile strength observed in this study is due to small particle size and good distribution of the nano particles, which were confirmed by SEM spectrum. Patents WO 2010135848 and WO2011/011601 have some relevant information about the topic developed in this study, because the principle in both cases relies on the interactions between metal matrix and the nano-particles. Hence, novel double stir casting method can be used to improve the properties of nano-composites.

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JournalRecent Patents on Nanotechnology
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Publication statusPublished - Nov 2011
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  • Al-si alloy
  • Double stir casting
  • Mechanical properties and microstructure
  • SiC nanoparticles

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