African tourism in uncertain times: Covid-19 research progress

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COVID-19 is a trigger event which is changing the complexion of African tourism and the directions of African tourism research. This article offers an overview and commentary on the state of African research produced during the uncertain times of 2020-2021 in specific response to the immediate impacts and changes which have been catalysed by the pandemic. The article is a progress report to capture and profile the body of focussed contributions on COVID-19 and tourism which have appeared for sub-Saharan Africa. Further, it is a contribution towards strengthening our understanding of tourism and change in the Global South. Overall, the discussion serves to highlight an emerging African scholarship which is engaged on a range of issues around three core themes of ramification, adaptation and transformation.

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JournalGeojournal of Tourism and Geosites
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2021
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  • Adaptation
  • Africa
  • COVID-19
  • Global South
  • Ramification
  • Tourism in change
  • Transformation

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