A Systematic Approach to Identify and Manage Interface Risks between Project Stakeholders in Construction Projects

Michael C. Okika, Andre Vermeulen, Jan Harm C. Pretorius

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Interface risks are inherent in every construction project from start to finish. Identifying and managing these risks effectively in every project phase is crucial for actualising project objectives. This paper shows a comprehensive framework showing several relationships between project stakeholders and how the interface risks between them that influence project execution are identified and managed for the overall construction project success. Firstly, a literature review on interfaces and interface risks and a discussion on how organisations managed interface risks were carried out, and secondly, the collection of quantitative data was conducted by means of structured online questionnaires. The sample consisted of 205 construction project professionals who were selected randomly. This group included individuals with various roles in the construction industry. The data were analysed using descriptive statistical methods, including factor analysis, reliability assessment, and calculations of frequencies and percentages. The results showed all the factors, work cultures, and organisational approaches that influence interface risk management and ways to identify and manage interface risks effectively. Effective stakeholder management is crucial for effective interface risk management since many interface risks are created by the numerous stakeholders involved in the project and the proposed frameworks will effectively mitigate the consequences and causes of interface risks. Effectively mitigating these risks involves effective stakeholder management, building information modelling volume strategy, and creating a virtual construction model during the construction phase; in addition, construction supply chain risks must be carefully identified during the interfaces establishment stages; interface risks must be carefully identified during the conceptualisation; and the planning, construction, and execution stages and standard methods and procedures must be defined to effectively identify and manage interface risks as the occur in the project lifecycle plus implementing the proposed risk mitigation frameworks.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)89-118
Number of pages30
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2024


  • construction
  • interface risk management
  • interface risks
  • interfaces
  • project stakeholders
  • risk

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