A spectral re-examination of the Markarian AGN

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The recently published ZORROASTER catalogue is being expanded into what will eventually be a complete list of known 'nearby' (z < 0.1) AGN, with optical spectral images, detailed spectral descriptors and waveband-specific flux ratios included where available. The first version of ZORROASTER contained 2843 entries characterised by confirmed or previously suspected broad H-beta emission, and 1000 spectral images. The 2nd version of ZORROASTER was released during the conference, and (in addition to serendipitous updates) includes all z < 0.1 objects from the list of Markarian. Activity classes and spectral descriptions of Markarian objects have been reviewed, and comparisons of flux ratios derived from the 100 ZORROASTER wavelength-specific pass bands are presented for those Markarian AGN for which Sloan Digital Sky Survey spectra exist. The value of the improved parameterizations and classifications of the Markarian objects on AGN studies, and the implications on some past investigations based on the Markarian lists, are briefly discussed.

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