A review of the Intraplate Mafic Magmatic Record of the Greater Congo craton

C. Djeutchou, M. de Kock, R. E. Ernst, F. G. Ossa Ossa, A. Bekker

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During the last few decades, the interest in studying intraplate mafic events has increased dramatically, mostly towards the events of Large Igneous Province (LIP) scale. These events provide crucial temporal and spatial constraints for reconstructing global-scale paleogeography back into Precambrian times. Compared to the Kalahari and West Africa cratons, the intraplate record of the Greater Congo craton (GCC) in central-eastern Africa remains largely poorly constrained. Ninety-seven events are currently documented, but only fourteen have been precisely dated and could be considered as potential LIPs. Except for the ca. 1380–1360 Ma Kunene–Kibaran LIP, which contains multiple precisely dated units, most other dated events are based on only a single U–Pb age. We present herein a compilation (and ArcGIS database) of these intraplate mafic events in the GCC. Such information is useful for constraining Precambrian paleogeographic reconstructions involving the GCC, for providing a context for coeval and potentially related mineralization, and for identifying key magmatic units for further study.

Original languageEnglish
Article number104649
JournalEarth-Science Reviews
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2024


  • ArcGIS database
  • Greater Congo craton
  • Intraplate Mafic Magmatic Record
  • Large Igneous Provinces

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